July 2015 Favorites


I filmed my monthly favorites for July as promised and had lots of new products to share with you! I skipped last month because it would have been pretty boring. Hope you all enjoy it and I’ll see you in the next one!

#TJdoesNYC Recap




















Photos from Bloglovin Interview : Photographer Joey Cupelli

NYC is where is was born and will always come back to. I spent the day in the city running around shooting, attending meetings, eating and exploring. I had such an amazing time and even met up with a couple of girls from IG. It’s amazing how blogging can bring so many positive people into your life, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. I didn’t take my camera with me so I used my iPhone to capture a few pictures throughout the day. I was fortunate enough to have an interview with the amazing team from Bloglovin, you can read the full story here!

My Everyday Must-Have Essentials






  • Purse – I think an essential for any girl right? I’m currently using my new Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag and I’m madly in love with it! I’ll be doing an updated “what’s in my bag” so stay tuned.
  • Hand Cream – I literally have multiple bottles laying around the entire house. Working in the medical field has destroyed my hands overtime so I pile layer upon layer. The Aesop Resurrection Aromatique happens to be my fav, its time for a new tube though.
  • Perfume – I recently picked up the Chloè roller ball purely by accident because my daughter put some on in the store and it was all I could smell when we got home. She remembered which bottle it was and I was immediately hooked (thank goodness for her little touchy hands on this one)! I spray perfume on throughout the day and feel naked if I forget to.
  • Lip balm – Whether it’s tinted or just moisturizing, I must have some type of lip product within arms reach. The new Lancôme Shine Lover in 218 has been living in my handbag for the past week now!
  • Sunglasses – If you haven’t noticed already I’m highly addicted to sunnies. I can’t help it and I wear them in any type of weather. I recently picked up the Dior Reflected sunglasses which suit my rather large face.
  • Moisturizer – I will not wear makeup if my face isn’t moisturized, its almost a makeup sin in my eyes. I can’t apply face makeup without some slip so the Glossier Priming Moisturizer is #1 in the line up, it’s 100x better than Embryolisse!
  • Eyelash Curlers – If I lost all my makeup and tools this would be my number one purchase. They’re the number one thing that take me from dreary to wide awake in just a few seconds. I can walk out the house without makeup but can’t leave until my eyelashes are curled.
  • SPF – This is very important and the key to why my skin has improved over the years. I wear SPF every single day to keep my skin as healthy and wrinkle-free as I can. The Kate Somerville CC Cream has coverage, luminosity and an SPF of 50. I have to say it’s my favorite of all the BB & CC formulas I’ve tried so far, even beats the Chanel one!
  • Watch & Rings – I love a good chunky minimal watch for everyday and stacking my rings.
  • Hair Care – I’ve said this on more than one occasion but the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray has a multitude of characteristics which makes it they best and only styling product I use for my hair.

How I Curl My Lob


This is another heavily requested video that took me ages to film but I’m proud to say its up! I’m no pro when it comes to hair and quite frankly pretty lazy when it comes to styling it. So hope you all like my fluffiness and “Monica-like” hair.

What Is Strobing?





Strobing essentially is just a fancier way of saying highlighting but the technique is much more involved in my opinion. I love everything about dewy, glossy skin, it makes you look youthful and healthier overall. Now there are million ways to highlight the skin with many different types of products but “strobing” should be done with liquid or creams to get that full-on glow effect. It’s my personal preference of highlighting the skin to begin with and looks more natural than powders or concealers. Normally you would highlight the bridge of the nose and cheek bones on a day to day basis but when one “strobes” the placement of the creams/liquids is more strategic. I’ve skipped contour all together and focused on highlighting, I find that it shapes the face and gives structure but in the most natural way possible. I applied the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone (my favorite highlighter period) on the high points of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead, brow bones, inner tear ducts, cupids bow, center of my chin, above the arch of my brow and the center of my lips over top of my lip color. It sounds like a lot to do and some even go further but the finish is well worth the time. Now for the oily gals, you can find a finely milled powder if cream is too greasy for you. I’m oily-combo so placing powder in certain areas of my face with a small tapered brush like the Wayne Goss 02 is great for combating the shine. I also use cream blush to add even more luminosity but it’s entirely up to you and your preference. I’ve gotten so many compliments over the past few weeks on my skin and I tell everyone “it’s just cream”. How do you guys strobe?

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging Before Blogging


1. Read posts out loud as if you’re talking to a friend or giving a speech, you’d be surprised as to how the power of inflection could help with writing.

2. School yourself when it comes to photography, playing with my f-stop has helped me achieve some awesome pictures.

3. Pick a blog name that really suits your personality and make sure it’s an reflection of yourself, you never know what content you’ll start producing in the future.

4. Scheduled content gives you a sense of direction but spontaneous same-day posting is raw and real, it’s not a bad thing.

5. You don’t need to provide immaculate swatches to get people to trust what you say about products are true. Engaging and being honest will, plus thats what we have Temptalia for and it doesn’t get any better than that!

6. It will completely change you as a person, in a good way!

7. Don’t be intimidated by established bloggers, huge followings means nothing if you’re unrelatable and aren’t humble!

8. <center>  (HTML is a b*tch)

9. You’re going to have writers block at least 25% of the time, totally norm.

10. Your viewers will tell you what they like and don’t like, listen to them but proceed with caution. Blogging is an extension of you and the whole world isn’t going to love it but appreciate the ones that do!

Poolside Essentials


So after a long relaxing day at the pool I thought (can’t take the blogger out of me) I’d share what I lugged with me. I don’t bother wearing makeup if I’m out in the sun just because it will end up melting off but I will protect my face! I spoke about the *Kate Somerville Daily Deflector SPF 50+ in my skincare video, this is an excellent face spf that isn’t sticky or heavy on the skin. Sunglasses are a must-have which coincide with the hat, they both help shield you from the sun while looking stylish at the same time. I always like to bring a scent with me because of the heavy chlorine smell the water has so I’m testing out the new Marc Jacobs Mod Noir and it smells heavenly! I like to pop a cooling facial spray in the fridge and take it with me in a ziplock bag full of ice, I think the Aesop Moisture Facial Hydrosol is fantastic and very similar to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I must have some type of hydrating lip balm with me to keep my lips from burning so I chucked the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 13 and the Soft Lips Cube balms with SPF 15 in my bag. Then I toss in magazines, water, snacks… can’t forget the damn snacks…

*PR Samples

Current Favorites #5


Tom Ford Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude, Maybelline Lipstick in Sin-a-mon, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 13


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone 


Janessa Leone Klint Straw Hat, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, Chloè Aviators, Chanel CC Cream, Chanel Les Beiges Powder 

Black, Black and More Black







I’ve really been on a fashion kick this week updating my summer wardrobe with lots of chambray and denim but black will always be my favorite color. I can’t get enough of black, the way I like to balance it out so that it doesn’t look too boring are textures and accessories. I used a black bandana as a choker, I’m all over the neckerchief look! So give me a T-shirt and trousers and I’m ready for the day. . .

Top: T by Alexander Wang   Trousers: Zara   Hat: Janessa Leone Klint   Sandals: Birkenstocks   Sunglasses: Chloè   Bracelet: E & E Project   Rings: Gem Blue

My Skincare Routine


I’ll start off with saying forgive me again for the late upload but our internet service has been shit, so I apologize if uploads and posts are random. So here is my long awaited skincare regimen! Hope my random strand of hair doesn’t get on your nerves like it did mine but I seriously didn’t feel it ha ha ha. Anyway on with the show…

*PR Samples