Why My Skin Has Been So Clear. . .

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When I went to the city a few weeks back I decided to take this little skincare system with me purely due to convenience, it’s now week 3 and I’m still using it! My skin has been loving the Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit and everything it has to offer.

Step One : Cleanse / The Camellia Cleansing Oil is probably my favorite out of the set and really breaks down all the makeup I’ve been wearing without leaving residual oil behind. I use it once to break down the makeup (it even removes my waterproof mascara) and a second time to really deep clean the skin. I have oily-combo skin and have had no issues with break-outs or excessive oil. On the contrary, my skin has been break-out free for the most part (break-outs always arrive at that time of the month). I just massage this onto dry skin and rinse off with warm water.

Step Two : Exfoliate / This took me a bit to get use to because it isn’t a traditional exfoliator. ItΒ comes in powder form which then emulsifies after you mix it with water. It sounds messy but so worth the final baby butt smooth finish left on the skin.

Step Three : Treatment / My acne spots have been getting lighter and lighter thanks to this serum. I know you’re not to squeeze spots but I can’t help it and then end up regretting it once I see the aftermath. My skin just sucks this all up!

Step Four : Moisturize / A moisturizer that can be used both morning and night without leaving my skin feeling greasy. The texture feels almost cooling once applied, I think its due to the gel-like texture.

Using the system both morning and night has really improved the condition of my skin, I’ve just ran out of the moisturizer and will be investing in the full-size. Cheers to clear skin, thanks Tatcha!

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