NYC Photo Diary


I had such an amazing weekend in the city and I thought I’d share everything in form of a photo diary.

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I’ve been using card holders for years now and I wanted something that had a snap closure but not a full on wallet. This particular style is spacious and I’m so happy they had them in stock! My SA was incredibly helpful and very kind.



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The Byredo store on Wooster had the most amazing visuals I’ve seen in a store, minimalist dreams I tell you! I had a sniff of Bal D’ Afrique and I was sold instantly. I also couldn’t leave without a candle…

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Wooster & Spring


OOTD Deets…



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Brunch at Laduree Soho was refreshing and quite the scene. We ate outdoors in the patio area and it felt like I was in Paris but the city sirens brought it back to reality. None the less I would do it all over again!


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I stopped at Acne Studios on Greene St. to pick up a wardrobe staple, blk skinny jeans. I know I can’t believe I didn’t own a pair either!


Then we swung by Gentle Monster on Grand St. and picked these sunglasses up, love the retro shape! The visuals in this store were also gorgeous.

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My mom purchased a few beauty bits for me, the Anastasia Dip Brow, M.A.C lipstick, Anastasia Brow brush, and a Bobbi Brown Corrector.

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I had the best gelato from Ferrara’s, I’m still drooling….