Jelly’s “So Cozy” Hair Regimen


Last week was back to school and Jelly started 1rst grade this year. She was in private school for kindergarten and now she is in elementary school with her big brother! I recently chopped off a good 3-4 inches of her hair so Β it can be a bit more manageable while getting ready for school in the AM. She has thick curly hair (furry back included, inherits it from me), so talk about unruly knots. Now I know why my mother freaked out when I wouldn’t brush my hair for a week!

IMG_5504 (1)

So Cozy were kind enough to send over a few products for Jelly to try out just in the knick of time and we approve. The Boing Curl Shampoo and Conditioner are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten or any other “nasties” as the brand says. Jelly’s hair was super soft after using them and had a lot more shine to it as well!


Our absolute favorite is the Boing Curl-Gel Cream, I usually have to wet her hair again to help combat the frizz but this soft buttery cream defines her curls with no grease, stick or crunch! It moisturizes and smoothes her hair making it much more easier to deal with.

IMG_5545 (1)


The detangling spray is just as good and it’s always a good idea to have a bottle lying around! She says it smells like candy.

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We’re very happy to have been able to try the line and report good news, Jelly also says sheΒ loves the colorful packaging!