The 101 on Lash Treatments & Extensions


This procedure is great if extensions are too high maintance for you. Shields are place on your lower lashes to protect them. Silicone pads are place on your eye lids and your lashes are brushed onto the pad to prep for the perming solution. Depending on your hair type the perming solution is left on for no more than 15 mins. Next a neutralizer is brushed on for a few mins and then removed. At this point you can have them tinted as well which makes them look even fuller. Lastly the pads are removed and you have to keep your lashes dry for the next 24hrs which is the only issue. After the 24hr waiting period you can then rinse off any residual tint and you’re left with nice feathery lashes! This will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. 



I've absolutely converted and recommend this to a very low-maintainence girl (like myself). I would say maybe 2-3 days out of the month I wear eye makeup so my lash extensions last for a good 3 weeks without a re-fill. The application process can last anywhere from 2-3 hrs depending on how skilled your tech is. You can choose from different styles and curls depending on the lash look you're going for. My tech Liz uses synthetic mink lashes and applies one to each individual lash with a special adhesive, this is why the process is lengthy/tedious. The experience is painless and seriously relaxing, plus I get in a nice sesh of girl talk. It's important to keep them dry and not wash them for 24 hrs. You also want to avoid oil-based makeup removers/cleansers because it will break down the glue. Do not curl your lashes with extensions in place because you run the risk of damaging them and your natural ones as well! Whatever you do as tempting as it may be go back to your tech to have them removed, you will pull out your natural lashes if you pick at them. Brush them twice a day with a clean spoolie to avoid them getting tangled and unruly. Extensions will shed along with your natural lash cycle, which is 30 to 60 days. 


Be mindful if you have sensitive eyes and are prone to allergic reactions before considering these procedures. Some people are skeptical about ruining your natural lashes but I haven't experienced any type of damage with either. I was an avid user of the eyelash curler before I discovered these treatments and like I said, I've converted...




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