Muji Balancing Skin Care Range

I get a ton of questions about skincare and tips on any brands that do affordable yet effective products. I really haven’t found one particular brand until MUJI sent me their Balancing Skin Care series a few weeks back, I’m pleased to say I'm content with it all! If you like Japanese/Korean skincare this is right up your alley, very basic simple skincare that calms the skin and I think good for several skin types.

Face Soap - a little goes a long way with this product and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. A no fuss to-the-point cleanser which is great when wanting to get the job done. I think everyone should have this type of cleanser in their arsenal. 

Toning Waters - The regular toning water seems more suitable for a normal or oily skin type and the high moisture version for a dry skin type. Both of them contain Hylauronic Acid, Turmeric Root (great to clean bacteria that produces acne) and acids to help with exfoliating the skin. They do contain alcohol for those who are sensitive to it.

Moisturizing Milk - Now this was very interesting to  me because I didn’t know if this was prior to an actual moisturizer or to be used on its own. It’s a very runny consistency but very light on the skin so maybe if you have oily skin this might be good for you. I found this was more of a serum step for me and I have combination skin. Again containing the same ingredients to balance out different issues you may have going on.

Moisturizing Cream - This was my favorite from the bunch, you know I love a creamy rich moisturizer! The smell is a soft citrus (just like the rest of these products) but keeps my skin plump and hydrated. It’s a great base for makeup and I use it both day/night. 

The packaging for all these products are so minimal and you also get a decent amount of product. Like I said this has helped my skin just calm down from hormonal acne which I’ve been dealing with (not fun, lemme tell ya). Def worth giving a shot if you are looking for affordable skincare!