London & Paris Diary

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had in the UK and Paris! A long time dream of mine was finally reality... mind blown. This was my 29th birthday gift from John who is incredible and very patient while I played in every beauty store (poor thing). From Harry Potter to the Eiffel Tower I got to see it all and I left content at the end of my trip! A few of you asked for recommendations and I thought I'd share a few things especially if you've never traveled overseas...

  • When it came to money I felt I should have exchanged less cash and just used my card. The exchange rates are high plus you get charged to convert USD to currency used overseas. Next time I'll take less cash and use my debit card, just make sure to call the bank ahead of time to let them know you're traveling.
  • It is hot as balls during the Summer and as much as I love London they don't really do air conditioning! I was literally sweating like a pig because it was so damn hot and even the movie theatre didn't have cool air : ( Pack clothes that are airy or make sure you are able to peel off layers. My dumb ass forgot to bring a pair of shorts and regretted it!
  •  The Citymapper and Currency apps were a huge help, getting around London was pretty simple and everything is within walking distance for the most part! Don't be intimidated, if you can handle NYC you can handle London! 
  • You can order your Oyster Cards ahead of time and have them delivered to your home before your trip, so glad I chose to do this! I loaded 40 pounds on each card and we still have a few pounds left on them! We were away about 8 days.
  •  If you are going to Paris I highly recommend doing a river cruise! I'd say an hour is sufficient and you'll get to see Paris in all its glory, plus people wave hi to you from the streets! 



The Diner - If you aren't a fan of the english breakfast (sorry I can't do baked beans) this place is great for your traditional American breakfast. Order the Ham & Cheese Omelet, it's soooo good 

Flat Iron - Literally the best fucking steak I have ever had to date, the fries and salad were tasty too! There was a 2hr wait time at this place so make sure you get there early. There is one in Covent Garden and Carnaby St.

Shoryu - They do a really good Ramen and pot stickers, skip wagamamas...

Amorino - We had Gelato from this place every single night we were in London and even in Paris! 

Jamon Jamon - We had dinner here twice, the best Spanish Tapas. Order the shrimp, wings and garlic bread.

Others... Chiltern Firehouse, Bumpkin, Tom's Kitchen 


As for Paris we only had lunch near the Eiffel Tower at a restaurant called Le Relais De La Tour on 27 Avenue De La Bourdonnais, delicious! 

I filmed my rather extensive beauty haul on my channel so watch the video here for all of my beauty recommendations!