5 Bronzers That are Doing it For me


“It has enough of an orange-red base to give that red flush of color to the face”

I know you will read this next sentence and say “pasty”? B*tch where!? I really am though…  I feel like I don’t tan as fast or much as I use to when I was a kid. Jelly is 5 shades darker than me and I’m still Spanish pasty! I've been to the pool a few times, got some color and out come all the bronzy bits to play.

Betty Lou-Manizer - This powder highlight is one of the few that really melts on the skin and doesn’t look glittery in anyway. I love how warm it is and really helps perk up the completion, it almost acts as a tan enhancer. I like to take a damp beauty blender and go over the top of it after so that it fuses with my foundation. 

   Glossier Topaz - I think paler complexions are intimidated by this highlight but you can really sheer it out due to it being such a malleable texture. Its J.Lo skin all in stick form and it's so creamy it sits on the skin beautifully giving you the ultimate glossy cheek! 

   Hourglass Ambient Bronzing Powder - This has to be my favorite out of the bunch, I used it in my recent tutorial and it looks so natural on the skin. It has enough of an orange-red base to give that red flush of color to the face. I know people are skeptical when it comes to shimmer in bronzers but the finish is more of a sheen vs. chunky glitter! I love the overall texture of this bronzer, in the video I mention that you can use it over cream product without experiencing any streakiness. 

   YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzing Powder in Fire Opal - I picked this beaut up at the Carrousel du Louvre while I was in Paris, so glad I did. I always prefer a bronzer that has a red base to it because I want it to look like I was sitting in the sun. It looks youthful, matte and again very natural. 

    M.A.C Quiktrik Stick in A Latte Sheen/Semi-Sweet - When I'm darker I like to stick to cream products and find that I don't need much coverage, this stick adds just enough color/highlight for me. It's such a creamy formula and you can sheer it out to almost nothing with a damp sponge. Lemme find out M.A.C?!