Packing Tips For a Weekend City Trip

I’ll be heading to NYC this weekend, It was a gift I presented to Leeandro when he graduated last month from 5th grade! Instead of buying him something tangible I felt a trip to the city would be an experience he will reflect on in the future. He’s been to the city before and he absolutely adores it so we have the weekend all planned out! I thought this is the perfect time to share a few tips on packing for weekend trips to a city.

Away were super kind and sent me their Carry-on Luggage which I took to the U.K with me and must say it’s really well made. First of all it has its own charging port, a ton of compartments and has a tiny dust bag for dirty clothes, etc. The design is also very minimal and sleek, very happy with it overall!

  • COMFY SHOES – In any city chances are you’ll be doing a lot of walking so I advise bringing a comfy pair of shoes to wear. I recently wore Stan Smiths in London and neglected every other pair of shoes I brought because my feet were killing me at the end of each day! I’d stick to 2 pair not 4!
  • PACK THE BEAUTY ESSENTIALS – I’m one who needs the abide by this rule but I’ve now realized bringing just the necessities are simply enough to get me by. I don’t need to bring an abundance of makeup, skincare, or body care. I like to stack up on samples or hit the mini section at Sephora to avoid bringing huge tubs of product with me. This also helps with possible leakage or spilling, Zip locks and Reynolds wrap will be your BFF!

  • BATTERY JUICE – If you will be using your phone catching Ubers, taking photos, and navigating your way around it may be good to invest in a portable charger. I won’t travel anywhere without it!
  • HAND SANITIZER OR HAND WIPES – Cities may look beautiful on paper but they are gross, filled with germs and all types of smelly corners. I can’t stand feeling sticky especially my hands so bring some with!

  • MINI FIRST-AID KIT – Call me a fu*king granny I dare you… when your ass needs a bandaid because you were jumping around the shower with shaving blade in hand…. well… I like to have an arsenal of medicine/supplies.
  • SWEATER WEATHER – So the weather is looking mighty fine but people never account for early mornings and nights when the temp drops and it gets a bit chilly. Pack a sweater or jacket, you’ll thank me later!

  • PLASTIC OR DUST BAGS – These are great for keeping dirty shoes off of your clean clothes or just soiled items from making your luggage reek! I really like those Downy pellets that make everything smell fresh (the blue ones) so I bring a handful in a garment pouch and it helps keep odors to a minimum.
  • STUFFING TECHNIQUE – Stuff things in your shoes, purses, etc. to help conserve space if you’re trying to fit it all in one bag!