Bloggers Block


I thought I’d be honest with you guys and share what I’ve been dealing with the past month, good ole bloggers block. See here’s the thing, it wasn’t your average run out of ideas type of block. This is something I’ve never experienced but I managed to move past it all. I was in a pretty dark place and not in a depressive way but just unmotivated to do anything. Nothing was appealing to me and even reading my blog roll was starting to annoy me, I guess you can say I was all blogged out. I was even sick of shopping at my local mall! I felt like I needed to get out and away for a bit. Still to this day I can’t really pin point as to what the problem was I just know something was off. I wasn’t happy with my ideas or work so I decided it was best to just defer  posting those days.

Recently I went on a trip and cleared my mind, It might sound stupid but all the grass and trees around really made me feel at peace with myself. Last week was a busy one for me with my personal life, all good things I promise. I went to the movies, zoo and even helped plan a baby shower for my bestie. Now the creative juices are flowing once again and I’m not being such a mope. I always want to please my readers and If I can’t produce good content I can be a bit angry with myself at times. This blog means everything to me and I just want to put out the best I can but still being true to myself. I don’t live this extra lavish life nor am I trying to bullshit you into thinking I do, I’m just a girl with big dreams and I like pretty things. These are some tips that helped me overcome this bloggers rut for the past couple of weeks . . .

  • Drive – Take a road trip somewhere or catch a bus to a different town for the day. I don’t have a ton of windows in the house so starring at the same tree for days and days wasn’t fun.
  • Cooking – Try a new recipe! Cooking is soothing to me especially when I get to feed the ones I love most.
  • Blogging on the go – I wrote a whole post on this but I love finding new little coffee shops to sit and just take in everything around me. I love watching other people work which sounds weird but I do and I find that it gives me the extra push I need to start typing.
  • Flowers – Go to your local farmer’s market and pick up a fresh bunch.

I’m so lucky and blessed for all that has come my way, including all of you! I’ve met some incredible people from all over the world and I would never give that up. So don’t fret, mama is back and feelin good!

  • Rhondine

    You’re fab and inspiring. Thanks for inspiring me. Xo

  • Sophie ♥

    I can relate! Just recently I’ve felt like some of my post ideas were meh so I scrapped them. It’s so frustrating. x

  • Isutave Isutave

    I do agree! I get stuck at times too! Welcome back!

  • Multitasking Damsel

    it happens to the best of us! I’m glad you’re doing well, i love reading your blog!

  • CAT

    We all get these moments. I always say leave it until it comes back to you, you shouldn’t feel the need to get back into it until it feels right!

    I’m a new follower, I love your blog 🙂

    CAT xo

    What Cat Says | BlogLovin’

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Great tips, I sometimes feel the same way with my blog, and these will definitely help me get back on track when I do! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Daniella

    ahh just what I need!



  • Vanessa Buttino

    Yay! Glad you’re back now 🙂

    Writers block is the absolute worst. When that pesky mood hits me, I feel like I can’t accomplish anything! Like I’m no good at my job. Like I should just give up and pack it all in. It happens to the best of us, Tamira.

    But yeah, it still sucks balls.

  • Diana P.

    Your post is so inspiring! Just like you and your beautiful photos! 🙂

  • Zaza

    Hi Tamira! Thanks for all the good advices, your blog is such an inspiration. I’m glad that you’re keeping it up! Take care

  • Laarni

    Nice thoughts! You’re actually one of my favorites. Passionate and real! Keep it up!

  • Anne-Dorthe Andersen

    I know the feeling! I often look at my own blog and just hate it. I find my self not wanting to blog anymore and then suddenly I find something interesting to write about and I’m back on track again. Great tips 😀

  • Izzie

    I’m still fairly new to blogging so I haven’t hit a block yet, but I love your tips and I think they’d work in any situation where you’re feeling uninspired or just stuck in and outside of blogging.

    Definitely agree about sometimes needing a change of scenery – I find that going on a drive is a good way to clear my head.

    Izzique | For beauty and lifestyle

  • Briannaly

    I’m kind of stuck in a rut also right now. I just started my blog a little bit ago and my “subject” is kind of everything but I’m struggling trying to find anything to post that isn’t beauty related. Though, I can post whatever I want, I’m not happy with anything haha. I guess I shall try some of these tips. Thanks!

    briannaly xo.

  • ejorpin

    I’ve recently just got back from months and months of bloggers block! Strange as I had heaps of ideas, just no motivation to bring them to life and then all of a sudden the urge to blog has returned. Some great tips here – I think provided blogging is not your job (ie. you don’t HAVE to post) then walking away and taking a break from all things online is the best thing!

  • Tyshia Shante

    Yay! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I’ve been in a rut myself. This is actually the first day in awhile that I’ve been reading blogs again. Still can’t get a post together but ehh. Oh well. It’ll come back. Sometimes you just need a break and that’s okay.

  • Tracy

    Totally understand the blogging block/hiatus we all burn out a little.