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When you associate bloggers & beauty you automatically think of some massive makeup station with tons of makeup, that clearly isn’t the case over at LWSS HQ’s. In the past I hoarded all colors of the rainbow, makeup collections/releases and never used it. I’ve now realized it’s about what I use and making the most of it. I literally ask myself questions like “Will I really use this?” or “Do I really need this?”. It’s very hard because I’m a true beauty addict but I’ve learned less is more over the years.

I always share a peek on IG when my little corner is at its best (it can get very messy), but I thought I’d give you the deets in a proper post. My mother was kind enough to drive over 3 hrs to get this laptop table for me as my birthday gift this year. It’s from IKEA and it’s only $40. I’ve talked about it before, it’s nothing fancy like a Malm but I love it! Initially it was just my desk but I kept bringing makeup over to it and thought if all my everyday items are in one place it would be much easier in general. I keep most of my makeup here and the rest in a box in the bathroom. I always do something on my blog called the Muji Rotations which is a detailed look of what I keep in my acrylic drawers throughout the seasons. On top of the drawers is another acrylic storage compartment that I came across at a Marshall’s and my everyday brushes. I have a wired basket on the shelf that contains lipsticks, base products and some eyeshadow palettes I tend to reach for.

I currently have Diptyque’s Baies & Amber candles to burn while I’m applying makeup or working. I also have empty jars that house tools like eyelash curlers, lip primers, lash combs, cotton buds, lip brushes, tweezers, and a sharpener. My newest addition to the tablet top is my Simple Human Sensor mirror which really has improved my makeup application and I don’t think I could ever be without it! I keep bigger items like my Chanel loose powder on the side because its too large to fit in the drawers, plus it’s a really pretty tub of powder to stare at while working. I’m happy with my little set up because there is nothing that I don’t use so I’m not blogging for the sake of, I like what I use and I get to share real experiences with you all.

What do you guys like to keep on your tabletops?

  • TheProcrastinator

    lovely post! I also have the 3-drawer with a container on top for everyday things, and it’s honestly the best set up I’ve had ever!

    • I love the drawers, I think I might just invest in another set! Thank you dear!

      • TheProcrastinator

        Muji just came to Toronto!!

  • nueyork

    I really love how simple and sleek your setup is!

  • Tessa

    This is such a lovely vanity area, I’m spying a couple of my favourites on there! It’s so lovely to recycle Diptyque candles as utensil holders, they’re far too pretty to just throw away.

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    • Thank you dear, They are way too pretty to throw away!xoxo

  • Mandy

    I love your set’s so clean and simple. Unfortunately I have no space for a ‘sit down’ vanity but I really like the idea of having a laptop table as a vanity, especially since it is clear. x


    • Thanks dear! I have the same issue, I barely had room for a desk but luckily this was the perfect size for a corner in our bedroom. It’s worth checking out especially for the price

  • Victoria Barnett

    I love how sheek this is! So jealous. 🙂


  • Aida

    This looks so fancy, I love it 🙂 x

  • Heather McKnight

    I have the exact same desk and i’m completely smitten with it, in fact, I have a very similar layout to you by the looks of it in terms of what my desk homes, although although I also have a few notebooks and stationary bits and bobs scattered around. There’s just something about this desk that is so sleek yet glamorous in a very mundane way! Thanks for sharing your set up, I love sneaking a peak at other peoples desks and makeup storage!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

    • It’s such a great value for money and looks a bit high end to me without damaging the bank! I’m the same way, I pinterest workspaces and vanity’s all the time lol

  • Fionna

    love your vanity and the color scheme

  • Fionna

    love love love your vanity space. def giving me some inspo right now x

  • Fionna

    love love love your vanity space. def giving me some inspo right now x