My 5 Autumn/Winter Closet Staples

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scarfScarves are stylish yet a fully functional item. Not only do they add texture to an outfit but will keep you warm and give you a sense of coziness. I have been eyeing this one from Acne which I’m so glad I decided to pick up. I don’t mind investing in an accessory if it will be used often. This particular style is a classic shape and basic color that will go with any thing in my closet. The scarf itself is very well made and long enough to wrap around my neck a few times.


You know those shitty snow days that tend to ruin your hair? Yep, thats when I really appreciate the beanie (they also keep my ears warm). They can really make an outfit look really casual and this year I’ve discovered cashmere, what the hell took me so long?! This hat from COS is so soft and I’m obsessed with the speckled print. I placed an order for a few more basic colors and its a great essential to have during the cold months.

IMG_0565blazerI do love a good tailored blazer. I think it can smarten up any type of look whether you’re wearing trousers, BF jeans or even sweatpants. I also like to use this in place of a jacket and just layer sweaters or hoodies underneath. The key is to layer thin pieces to avoid it bulkiness or feeling restricted. I purchased the one in this photo from Zara in the sale about 1yr ago and it still looks brand new!


In my opinion ankle boots can be worn all year round but still a staple nonetheless! Now I’ve been through my fair share of booties and I must say that these Acne Jensen boots are the best investment I’ve added to my line-up. They’re very pricey but I saved up my pennies and placed my order, no regrats (not a typo, you’ll understand if you’ve seen “We’re The Millers”). I would say the boots are true to size and stretch a bit. I went for the grain leather vs. the smooth so that the creases would be less visible after wear.


I remember as a kid thinking only grandmas wear ugly turtlenecks… dumbass kid. Hair tucks have made the turtleneck chic and cool. I also like to layer them under crewneck sweaters, buttoned shirts or a thicker long-sleeved top. I received a few questions about the one I wore in my October Favs video which is from a brand called Everlane. The quality of their items are amazing and if you sign up you’ll receive free shipping off your first order. I own a few other pieces from the brand, totally worth looking into if you’re a basics lover like myself!

  • Elisha Maé Iveson

    i couldn’t agree more with these tamira!
    and beautiful imagery as always – overall a lovely read

    elisha-mae I wear this?

    • Thank you my dear! xoxo

  • Bella

    Fantastic edit!! I really enjoy your two Acne Studios faves, too—-I am such a fan of that brand!

    • I absolutely love Acne! I’m eyeing a pair of black skinny jeans next lol xoxo

  • Angeline

    Love these! x

    The Girl From the North | An Amazing Giveaway Here!!

  • Rena

    I would love to know in which size you got the Acne scarf, i tried the big one and it was way to big for me 🙂

    • I did purchase the narrow size which is the smaller of the two in the Canada style. I took out the measuring tape to see the difference and the regular scarf would have been way too big, totally agree with you! I still the the narrow is a great size but they’re both still the same length wise which was a plus for me.

  • Rena

    I would love to know in which size you got the Acne scarf, i tried the big one and it was way to big for me 🙂

  • fizza

    In love with your photography! x

    • Thank you so much dear!

  • fizza

    In love with your photography! x

  • mirjam

    love this post – and all the pieces 🙂
    x. Mirjam

  • Jaclyn Mittman

    LOL you just made my day with that “No ragrets” bit… No one seems to get that reference when I use it haha. Also, I need to just bite the bullet and buy those booties. The Forever 21 “dupe” I bought just isn’t cutting it.

    • LOL that movie was hilarious! If you decide to get them you won’t Ragret it, I promise! xoxo

  • Tanyesha

    Love this post – such great must haves for the colder months <3

  • Tessa

    Those Acne boots are everything, I adore them! I’ve been lusting after them for ages but can’t quite justify the price tag…yet.

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

    • XOXO totally understand, I went back and fourth about them for about a year before I placed my order!

  • Amber Baker

    Love these staples! That turtleneck is the dreamiest color!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Thanks love, it really is a unique shade! Everlane make the best basics!

  • judiabbott

    Love the boots and if they were very narrow I wouldn’t mind the price–but I never find a 3A anymore.

  • Grandmajb

    Love the boots, especially the pointed toes, just acquired a lovely Italian leather pair, husband thinks they are ugly. What does he know!

  • Ellen

    I really need to get more hats! I’m always freezing as I walk to work. Totally agree with scarves, so functional yet stylish!

  • Bobea

    TJ absolutely love the Everlane sweater on you! Would you mind letting me know which model and colour this is? Is it the Luxe Sweater Mockneck? Cant find this gorgeous colour. (Also the Jensen boots have to be the best thing I’ve ever bought myself. Wear them just about everyday. The full grain leather was definitely the right choice, because they are nice and worn in/battered!)

    • Thank you dear! Here is the link to the sweater if you haven’t found it yet! Sorry it took me so long to respond!

  • Jennifer

    yaasss, love a good ankle boots, those are gorge


  • Fionna

    def gotta agree with these 5 things

  • Fionna

    def gotta agree with these 5 things

  • the stylish vagabond

    Great choices, and those ankle boots are everything.