What’s On My iPhone


I was watching Estee’s digital detox the other day and I must admit I absolutely without a doubt couldn’t be without my phone. It’s sad but true, I’m constantly on the damn thing. From appointments to emails you name it, I must have it within arms reach. Surprisingly to most people it is also where I edit all of my blog/IG photos. I don’t feel the need to have a fancy editing system when I can custom create my own filters all in the palm of my hand. So I thought I’d quickly share the apps I use on the daily…

  • After-light (I usually bring down the saturation and bump up the contrast)
  • Snapseed (love that this allows you to add brightness in certain areas of your photo)
  • VSCO (I use this more as a guide to see what my IG feed will look like when choosing a photo to upload)
  • Canon Camera Connect (I can transfer photos via wifi with my Canon G7X)
  • SKRWT (great for flat lays)
  • PhotoGrid (I only create collages as screen savers and this is a pretty good one)
  • Bloglovin (where I get my daily dose of blogging articles)
  • Depop (I occasionally sell items I no longer use user name: lbytmmm)
  • Uber (love getting a ride this way when I’m in NYC, much easier than hailing for a cab)
  • Yelp (always looking for new places to eat)
  • Amazon
  • Snapchat (I upload the occasional snap @tamirajarrel)
  • PayPal
  • Google Maps 

  • Ametist Beauty

    what do you use skrwt for? I’ve never heard of that app before!
    love your blog

    • It’s pretty awesome because it allows you to realign a photo if it’s crooked without distortion or ruining it! Thank you so much for the love! Def check it out

  • rae

    I always love reading about what kind of apps people are using on their phone. Definitely a few ones on this last that I do not know of or use so I will have to check them out! Especially snapseed and depop.

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin’ // instagram

  • Elisha Maé Iveson

    lovely idea for screensavers!

    elisha-mae I wear this?