The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil


A #feelingspendy inspired purchased was made a few weeks ago and can I say Amelia was right! This oil cleanser is unlike any other I’ve tried and removes everything off the face. I mainly purchased it to take off my eye makeup but it works great for face makeup as well. You have to shake it before using and massage it into dry skin. Use water to emulsify the oil and it literally washes right off, no oily mess or residue! I used M.A.C’s oil cleanser in the past and I wasn’t a fan because it was too greasy for me. This oil cleanser surprisingly hasn’t broken me out (I have oily-combo skin as it is) and is made for sensitive skin types. One complaint, the damn pump. It shoots out product so make sure the nozzle is close to your hand because it will end up all over the place or just switch it to another bottle. Other than that this stuff is legit, I haven’t touched a makeup wipe in weeks!

  • Laura

    I Love when you make reviews about something you picked up when you felt spendy. I just get this idea that the review is honest. Am I making any sense?
    Anyway I am definitely gonna pick it up sometime soon.

  • Thee Limited Edition

    This sounds amazing!! Oils scare me and my already oily skin! But this sounds like it may just be the one for me!! 🙂

  • Yeji Kim

    I have never tried this but now I do!
    I definitely recommend the Boscia’s Makeup-Breakup Cleansing Oil! (I mentioned in my July Favorites Post). The Boscia’s Cleansing Oil is really good at dispensing the perfect amount of product!

  • nueyork

    This is something I really want to pick up, it looks amazing! I just haven’t been into The Body Shop for the longest time for some reason.

  • Shrutilaya

    This has to be my favorite makeup remover!

  • Multitasking Damsel

    I have the cleansing butter version of this from the Body Shop….loveee itt! I love cleansing oils so much!! x

    Multitasking Damsel Blog

  • Zoe B

    Haha, I made the same experience with the pump 😀

  • Kate

    I’ve been trying the camomile cleansing butter which I love so I’ll have to give this one a go too 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • Grace Denny

    Okay this sounds straight up amazing and, thank god, something for oily-combo skin! Think I’ll be making a purchase!

    XO, G from grace’d

  • Manda T.

    Would this be something you recommend for us oily gals? I’ve wanted to try the oil cleansing method, but nervous it will interrupt my shine-free regimen, lol!

    xo, Manda

    • Stéphanie GB/MsBubu

      I have oily skin too and I use this. So far no problem (I’ve got it since Spring) 🙂

    • I’m oily combo and It’s really hasn’t added to it at all, I actually find it quite moisturizing!

  • Kendel

    I had this in my hands at Ulta a few weeks ago! I put it back because it was kinda expensive + I have oily skin so I figured cleansing oil wasn’t for me. But after reading this, I’m definitely gonna have to make the investment. Thanks Tamira!

    • I hope it works well like it has for me, I love this stuff!

  • Nadia

    Agreed, I live for this cleansing oil!