Lazy Day











Anything over-sized on a lazy day has my name written all over it! This Zara turtleneck sweater has been on repeat ever since I purchased it and makes for a really great basic piece in my wardrobe. If i’m running errands this is an outfit I’ll whip out but still feel put together. It’s clean, not too busy and most importantly super cozy.

Sweater: Zara  //  Trousers: Zara  //  Hat: Janessa Leone  //  Shoes: Converse  //  Watch: Michael Kors  //  Rings: Homegrown Silver & Stone  //  Nail Color: Nails Inc. Victoria 

  • Stefanie Meier

    That sweater is such a lovely colour, you pull it off so well

    Wishing you the loveliest new year xx

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  • Drea

    That sweater looks so comfy, Tamira! If I were a bit thinner around the waist (lol), I’d definitely wear that sweater belted with pair of black thigh high boots. Lovely photography as always.

    • Its super cozy and look at you, you know your stuff girl! Thanks dear!

      • Drea

        Haha – I just know my style. You’re welcome!

  • Vanessa Buttino

    That sweater looks so damn comfy! I could definitely use one of those right now *cough *wheeze*

    • Thanks babe! I hope you’re feeling better : ) Us sick girls gotta stick together!

  • Tessa

    Your rings are absolutely gorgeous, thank you for linking to the Etsy store! I might have to pick some up for myself 🙂

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    • Thank you dear! I hope you get some, they do not disappoint! xoxo

  • Liv Isabelle

    Love your sweater 🙂

    Liv Studios

  • Ellen Findley

    If that sweater were available in my size, I’d wear it constantly. This is a great look on you!

  • Erica Choi

    Absolutely adore your looks. This one is perfection as always x


    • Thanks love for all your kind words! You’re absolutely stunning and I too am a huge fan of Egg Canvas!

  • Arnella

    Your jewelry, perfection!


    You make a lazy day look so fabulous! Beautiful shots, lend some tips, please!

    Jo |

    • Aww thanks babe you’re too kind! I just roll with the whole shaggy homeless look lol I think accessories can really make or break an outfit and the more simple the better it looks!

  • mirjam

    such a great look – this simplicity is perfect!

    Happy New Year! bisou, mirjam

    • Thank you dear and same to you xoxo!