Bringing Back “The Glow”





Suffering from lack-luster skin due to all the partying and holiday shit you’ve been shoving down your throat? Yea me too but I’ve rummaged through my mooge and found some products that will help give some glow to our runned down faces. If you’re one of those chicks with flawless skin then feel free to skip this entire post!

It’s All About That Base (I had to type that, catchy song sorry) You can never use too much moisturizer and I pile on loads of the *Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Cream prior to anything else so that everything blends well without streaking. Now I have several primers to choose from with different finishes to them. The Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel is the most subtle out of the bunch, it gives a very iridescent sheen to the skin without the use of shimmer. The *Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer is more of a moisturizer consistency but contains fine shimmer particles, this is great for dehydrated skin. The *Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in 01. Nude Radiance has more of a golden undertone to it but still keeping the face very natural looking. If you want more of a bam highlight you might want to try the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone, it’s my favorite out of the bunch and can act as both a base/highlight.

Minimal Makeup Look – The key to looking like a million bucks is to enhance your natural features using minimal amounts of makeup. You don’t have to cover up every blemish or freckle on your face, I think allowing some of your flaws to shine through shows a sense of vulnerability. I’d stick with a sheer foundation like the *Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, it’s very light but still gives a bit of coverage and evens the skin out. For the cheeks still keeping everything very dewy I will use the *Jouer Tint in Petal. This cream blush can double as a lip color as well but what I really like about the formula is the skin-like finish. Instead of heavy concealing try using a light reflective pen like the YSL Touché Eclat, it will help with dark circles and bring forward the areas you want highlighted. For the lips keeping them juicy and hydrated I always reach for the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. They’re a cross between a balm and gloss while giving a healthy sheen of color to the lips. Last step would be giving your lashes a good curl and a light coat of mascara to finish off the look!

  • Divya

    I really like both the Le Blanc and Becca primer! I think a subtle glow is so much sexier than a full on highlight which to me ages a person’s face.


    • Totally agree with you babe, no one walks around with a strip of gold shimmer on their cheekbones! Too obvious for me lol

  • Ellya Aisyah

    I have never tried high end light reflecting primer but the L’Oreal one is a goodie. I like to use it before Chanel Vitalumiere Velvet Foundation or mix it with Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation.

    Spring 93

  • Charlotte Dougall

    My skin is dull right now, will definitely be on the look out for some of these! I’ve heard a lot about the Eve Lom primer, it sounds like it would be great for my skin. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    • It’s a really nice primer, worth the investment!

  • clementine buttercup

    I’ve been slathering on anything that says it’s for dehydrated skin. Caudalie Vinosource SOS serum has been a lifeline!

    • I need to try that one! Thanks dear!

  • Ella

    I adore the luminising moisture tint, it’s heavenly! And the lip perfectors too x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Abby

    As someone dealing with dry, blah skin right now, I can really use these tips! I will definitely be checking out some of your recommendations. Thanks!

  • Tirurit

    I love the Le Blanc de Chanel. On the other hand, I got rid of the Touche Eclat, it just didn’t work for me

    • That sucks but at least the Chanel primer works for ya!

  • Zeynab M

    I love the dewy look. I currently using the Becca shimmer skin perfecter in moonstone and it’s amazing.

    Zeynab xx

    The Beautifully Disastrous

    • It’s my favorite highlighter of all time, isn’t it awesome!?

  • Rinica Warner

    I love the dewy look makes me feel spring ready, I definitely needed this post my skin seems to be looking so grey/dull a lately and I’m not sure why! Going to dig out Touché Eclat and start using it I used to love it xx

    • Dig it out girl!!!!! I can’t wait for Spring!

  • Sophie ♥

    I really want to try one of the Jouer Moisture tints-I’m just never sure whether to get the matte or luminous one-or both! I’ve recently ordered theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer to take care of my luminizing needs. Believe it or not I think the only product I own designed for that purpose is a Laura Mercier primer. x

    • They’re both awesome but I prefer the luminizing one if that helps at all my dear! Your post def makes me want to go out and get the Mary LouManizer, I’m very tempted! I’ve tried the Laura Mercier Primer in the past too and I really like the subtle sheen!

  • lara

    can you make a video tutorial about “The Glow”?

    • Just uploaded it yesterday! xoxo

  • Jessica Arzetti

    I really want to try the YSL Touche Eclat! I have problems with pens like this looking gray under my eyes. Hopefully this won’t give me that problem!


    • Gotcha, try shade number 3 it has a ton of peach in it! Good luck dear! xoxo

  • Heather McKnight

    I *need* to try all the products mentioned here, I’d definitely be interested in seeing a video using all these products!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

    • lol hope you enjoyed the video! xoxo

  • dreaminginnoir

    Despite the fact that I have a grease ball for a face, I love experimenting with dewy skin in the winter time since it’s significantly more dry. These products look so luxurious! Amazing post as always!

    Deja xo

    • Same here! I have a really oily T-zone but in the Winter my face loves the moisture, thank you dear!