What’s In My Everlane Petra

What's in my Bag

I’m loving my new bag and wanted to share all I can fit in this bad boy. Like I said in the video is truly a staple piece to have and pretty much goes with anything in my wardrobe. I also love the brand itself and what they represent when it comes to being honest with their customers. The bags are made at a factory in a small town outside Venice, Italy alongside other luxury brands. They’re very hands on with choosing the materials for their items  which is something I admire. Hope you all enjoy the video, these are actually my favorite to watch!

  • Katina Lindaa

    That bag looks absolutely stunning! x

  • Mary

    I adore Aesop, everything they make is just perfect. x

  • Angeline Lee

    Love the bag! x


  • yaptus

    woa now i want this bag too!!!

  • Snezhana

    that bag is AMAZING! now I want one so badly even though I have no space to store the rest 🙂 btw love your new design but miss the previous name a bit… xx

  • Nicolsview

    Hi Tamira!

    I love the new blog name and the new design. Keep going, you are great! 🙂



  • Adriana

    That Bag!! <3

  • gc8492

    Hi Tamira, great review of the bag and the part about it being perfect for a mom really hit home. I bought the bag and am still trying to decide whether to keep it or not, mainly because of the suede. Since you’ve had the bag for sometime would you mind sharing how it has held up? I have one year old twins and so am scared the suede might degrade soon 🙁 would really appreciate your input. Thanks a lot!!