Blog & IG Photography 101



I’ve wanted to do this video for quite some time and finally got around to filming it. Blog photography plays a big factor when creating posts believe it or not. There are no rules when it comes to photo taking so make it your own, all I can offer is guidance and support to you all! I’ve done older posts on some blogging tips in general which I’ve linked down below for you if you feel like checking them out. Blogging is constantly evolving but never fear to stay true to your style and personality, being genuine is more important than any deal or opportunity I might be offered so staying humble is key. Hope this is helpful to you all!

  • Mayra Ojeda

    Thank you very much for sharing these tips, I found them super useful !!

  • Angeline Lee

    Love these, thanks for sharing <3 xx

  • Blizzard Girl

    I’ve been waiting for this video! Thank you, this was super helpful, especially because I’m considering getting a new camera:)


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  • Kani Musa

    You have a beautiful blog and youtube channel.