Meet Maddy and Me . . .


Hello everyone my name is Tamira but good ole Tammie will do ! Now Maddy is my new purchase the Canon T3i, she is truly a beauty and I’m glad I decided to get a good camera to take good quality pictures ! She was a gift to me thanks to my lovely boyfriend who knows I want this blog to be wonderful.

Now behind the name of this blog, I know it’s pretty long but definitely has some meaning. I chose lipstick because it is my favorite makeup item ! I think there is something so nostalgic about a woman whipping out her compact and lipstick and applying it straight from the bullet. Well at least when I do it gives me a sense of confidence, power and beauty. There is something so elegant about lipstick packaging, textures, and lip color can tell a lot about someone. If someone is outgoing and energetic that person might be a little daring and rock a bold lip color where as a more meek conservative person will where an everyday neutral and be perfectly content with that. Either way lipstick to me is a form of expression and a wonderful item to carry with you at all times !

Now the sunshine part ! My boyfriend’s pet name or nickname is sunshine. Reason being he makes me smile so I say he’s my sunshine. I would sing the sunshine song to my little boy who is 6 now and our daughter who is 2 1/2 likes when we sing her “the sunshine song mommy!” One night I was sitting in her room tucking her in and she sang the entire song, me being the cry baby that I am lost it. It was something I’ve never experienced and she really is my sunshine ! So ramble over this is the name I chose, I somehow wanted to combine the two and ended up with my blog name lipstick with some sunshine !

Now Madison is my cameras name. Maddy for short will do so if I refer to Maddy just know its my Canon T3i. She will embark on this new journey I’ve decided to dive into, she deserves a name at least right ?

This is my getaway, this blog this journal and I’m so happy I can share this with you guys so welcome and stay tuned

Sincerely from,
Maddy and Tammie

  • finn.of.fortuna

    Just came across your blog last week and I have to say I’m obsessed! I love the look of your blog and your writing style and it really makes me want to branch out and start blogging about beauty and fashion. I always love looking at a blogger’s first post to see how far they have come and how their blog has changed. Any how I look forward to reading all of your posts 🙂