Top 15 Of 2015

I finally got around to posting this video, I didn’t want this to be redundant so I opted for a simple way to present it to you all. Thank you for being so supportive over this past year on my YouTube journey and here’s to the New Year!

  • Janna Doan

    tj–thanks for sharing! i know how much you love your glossier, i also love their minimal marketing and slogan in general “skin first, makeup second.” totally what i believe in! anyway, the LM milky way seems very interesting. i am so fair skinned and can never find any kind of nude-ish color that is flattering so i’ll have to check it out.i love TF, but really wish that bronzer was in a more compact form. and yes, totally agree, i can’t imagine life w/o an eyelash curler, SHU trumps all!!!!! xoxo,

    janna |