Summer Edit : Skincare Regimen

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My routine has simplified in about two weeks time due to some new products I received from Peach & Lily! I start by using the Pre-cleanse from Dermalogica only to take the bulk of my makeup, I’ve finally found something that removes my stubborn waterproof mascara. It’s an oil based cleanser/remover and it emulsifies as soon as it makes contact with water removing any trace of makeup on your face. I then go in with Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser (this is my 4th bottle!) which I could never be without. It’s a basic cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin and somehow enhances my eyelashes, it’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used hands down! Next I wipe the Pixi Glow Tonic pads all over my face as my toner step both morning and night. I just make sure to follow up with sunscreen during the day, the Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer is not only hydrating but has an SPF of 50! Now I have been using the Cremorlab Essense Tonic both day and night to add moisture back into the skin after toning, I think this has improved the texture of my skin in just a weeks time. I put a few drops in my palm and push it into the skin to make sure its absorbed well. I can’t believe how quickly this stuff has changed all the little breakouts I had going on my forehead. Genius…



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If I remember to put on eye cream I’m still using the Giorgio Armani Prima eye cream, its perfect for my dry bags! As for moisturizer during the day I use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer and at night I use The Lotus Sleeping Pack. The sleeping pack is something newer and atm I’m really having a love affair with Korean skincare. It’s so hydrating and helps calm the skin while I sleep. Keeping it simple for the lips I always slather on some of the Glossier Balm Dot Com. You should def try out the flavored ones, think lip smackers but for grown ups…


If I have some free time I’ll throw on a sheet mask from my basket, yup I have a shit load of them! This routine works for the warmer months and my skin couldn’t be happier. If you’re interested in getting any of the Glossier products I have a coupon code (HALOTAMIRA) that will work on any purchase, it’s good until 7/6!

  • Amelia McDonald

    I love your photography!! Such a lovely post! <3

    Amelia |

  • Millie Robinson

    I really want to try some more bits from Glossier, they are such a nice brand and the milk cleanser sounds right up my street! x

  • Jenna Opsahl

    Hey! I just wanted to say I’m really impressed by the video you just posted (the Q & A) because you are so real and honest. I’ve watched a lot of your makeup videos but this was definitely my favorite of your uploads. Hearing about your pregnancy and motherhood journeys were just amazing, especially because we are around the same age and I just can’t imagine the bravery those things took. Also I loved hearing about the work you do as a medical assistant. I feel like a lot of bloggers are scared to share things about their life that might make them seem unglamorous but I appreciate the honesty so much more. It’s so interesting and it makes me appreciate the things you do post because I totally understand beauty or clothing or accessories being the thing that is YOURS amongst lots of real life things. That’s why I love fashion, because it’s a beacon of hope amongst all the real life. Anyways. Awesome videos and I love you even more. P.S. I’m so jealous of your skin and glowy look, you are so awesome. P.S.S. def gonna use that coupon code for Glossier, I have the Milky Jelly and the Concealer (like honestly the only concealer I’ve ever loved) but I’m so stoked for the highlighters! And once they get the Skin Tint back in stock for my pale ass I’ll be getting that too haha.


  • Diana Youn

    Really curious to try those Glossier products!

    Diana |

  • Susan

    Oh, all those white bottles and tubes look so luxe!

  • Susan

    Oh, all those white bottles and tubes look so luxe!

  • Tracy Santiago-Avenell

    Hey doll! I couldn’t get your Glossier link to work. I would love to try the Priming Moisturizer. I’ve been searching for a day moisturizer…

  • Sharon Elsie

    Hi Tamira. Me too kinda fond with Korean beauty products, especially their all type facial sheet masks they currently have. Have been using Cremorlabs too and totally agree it’s one good product. Love your photography. Thanks for sharing your awesome routine. Sharon Elsie |