Inside My Givenchy Antigona

IMG_9199 (1)

Today is the day I finally spill out the contents of my bag for you all! I’ve had it for a few weeks and feel like I’m ready to give the bag a thorough review. I’m obsessed with its small structured shape and it fits loads even though its the smallest size Givenchy do. These videos are always fun to film and hope you like it!


  • Kiara King

    The Givenchy Antigona is my dream everyday bag, so what a wonderful choice! I would still really love it in the Medium size though, so I can fit my laptop and notebooks when I’m going to meetings and working out of the office. I agree with the ‘poof ball’ by the way – I think it adds another texture and a softness. 🙂

    Loved your video by the way. You have so many beautiful things of such a high quality. I love the way you use different things (like old makeup soft cases) to protect your things and your bag – genius! I’m inspired to go through my own bag now and do the same.

    Kiara x //

    • The medium would be perfect for you as a work/school bag! Thank you so much my dear! xoxo It’s def a texture thing with the poofs lol I occasionally pet it too!

  • Emily Trinh

    Wow that looks like such a beautiful, yet efficient bag!

    Emily | Always Emily | Bloglovin’

    • It’s so practical and very efficient! Thanks love! xoxo

  • Angeline

    That is a gorgeous bag, you have no idea how long it’s been on my wishlist (and also everything inside your bag)!

    The Girl From the North | An Amazing Giveaway Here!!

    • Thanks dear! I hope you get it very soon! xoxo

  • Mary Mashura Ward

    I love all of your videos! You really made me realize I need to simplify my bags a little more.

  • Lara

    Great video! Would love to know where your sweater is from and what shade you have on your nails? Thx!

    • Hello dear! My sweater is from the mens action at J.Crew and my nails are Orly’s Rage! xoxo

  • emily

    I have been lusting after the Givenchy Antigona for so long! But seeing as I am still a student, it looks like it’s going to have to remain on the wishlist for awhile longer haha…nonetheless, I loved the video and think your setup is gorgeous! <3

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  • Fionna

    lusting over this baby and i love adding pompoms to my bag as well. it’s so cute